The Ultimate Sacrifice of Parenthood

When I first found out I was pregnant, I began a mental list of all the things I was going to pray for over this baby. That’s what a good pastor’s wife would do, right? I prayed for good health, I prayed for musical talent, I prayed for athleticism, I prayed for smart brains. I… Read More »

On the Menu: Beauty or Brains

Many, many years ago, when I was in high school, I had the opportunity of going to the motherland of Korea to help teach in a 2-week English language immersion program. I had the youngest class, seven adorable little 5- and 6-year-olds who barely knew their ABCs. Since they were learning the very basics it… Read More »


So back in 3rd grade, Philip Reed was in my class. Oh my goodness, his smoky grey eyes, John Travolta dimple chin (we’re talking ‘80s here), curly hair, button nose. A few months later, James Kolb walks in and I was blown away by his half Korean half Caucasian features and his spiky hair! I… Read More »

The Benefit of a Doubt – How to Manage Your Anger

Seriously? I could feel my face getting hot from the anger that was welling up from my stomach. The hubby had left for work for the day. Usually, he goes to his office, but there was a free marriage conference that he was attending. So after a few hours, he sends me this picture. It is… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is Easy

It really is. Being a stay-at-home mom has so many perks. You don’t have the pressures of pleasing an employer, just try to keep your kiddos happy. That’s easy, right? You get to nap when the kids are napping. What job allows that? But don’t forget that when the kids were babies, you had to… Read More »

I Can Have an Affair

Why do affairs happen? Do they come out of the blue or do they sneak up on us like a tiger stalking antelope in the African grasslands? Are they avoidable? What are some signs that tell us one is coming? In my opinion, affairs happen because we think it would never happen to us. That… Read More »

What I Do When a Girl is Inappropriate to My Man

Wherever there are girls involved, there are huge possibilities of drama. Luckily for me there were only two instances when a girl was seriously inappropriate with my man. Here is a recounting of these humorous events. When I was in college, I finally got my first (and only) boyfriend. I brought him home one Christmas… Read More »

Romance for the Unromantic

I am a romantic. There, I said it. I have been trying for the last decade to let the world know that I am not a romantic. Maybe in high school I was, but not anymore. I love roasting my husband and never dwelling on how wonderful he is (I know, I know, I need… Read More »

Do Our Children Really Need Everything?

(From my sister Ruth Chang, the most amazing mom, sister, teacher, and friend I know.) “I can’t believe I’m this upset over spilled milk.” My head is fully aware that I’m overreacting, but the rage that overcomes me is uncontrollable. The look of fear in their eyes makes me realize I really seriously am overreacting.… Read More »

2 Secrets of Happy Wife, Happy Life

We’ve all heard it. We say it to our husbands and hope they get it. A quick google search will show that this adage, “Happy wife, happy life” is generally true (there was only one article that said otherwise). If the woman is happy in her marriage, the man is generally happy too. Yes, husband,… Read More »